Warm weather and open windows

It is probably with both bias and nostalgia that I say this, but nothing beats Sydney during spring time.

Spring brings the fragrance of sweet jasmine that, to me, seems to intensify at sun-down. Suddenly I’m nine again, sucking on Zooper Doopers and running through sprinklers.

So it is quite fitting that we begin this blog, (as well as this new chapter in our lives), in spring; a season that brings warm weather, open windows and new beginnings.

Nadia and I celebrate the start of the season by something that is iconic to both Sydney and spring; the David Jones 27th annual flower show. This year, the event ‘Fleuressence’ was inspired by the connection between flowers and fragrance. Sixteen windows that represented base notes such as soft florals, citrus and woody orientals.

And oh… How inspiring.

We gasp and gawk at every turn, secretly wishing that they had left mannequins out of the window displays.

Freesias and sweetpeas and hyacinths, oh my! I think we have started what is likely to be a yearly tradition.

So tell me dear reader, do you have a favourite flower/favourite scent? Are they one and the same?

My favourite flower is the peony and preferred scent would be white flowers such as gardenia, orange blossom and jasmine – a nod to my childhood, Sydney and spring time.

France x


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