I recently attended the Blog Society‘s workshop, Embracing The Art of Digital Storytelling, launched as part of this year’s Vivid Festival and held at the MCA.

It was really inspiring to hear what blogging meant to such a diverse group of creative minds. I loved hearing how Jaclyn Carlson’s Little Paper Trees was the journal that she never got around to starting, with a focus on ‘finding beauty in the every day’. Vivian Mansour’s, Ish and Chi was borne of very personal, life changing events; buying a home and decorating her first baby’s nursery. (I also love the inspiration behind the name Ish and Chi… short for fish and chips)!

Blog Manifesto

It made me think about our reasons for blogging here at Noah & Willow; a tool to help document our styling journey, a way to express our passion and creativity, share what inspires us, and hopefully to inspire others.

I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to connect, collaborate and share with local bloggers, and am totally inspired to get my blog on a lot more frequently!

A special thank you to Natalie Hayllar of Eat Read Love, who had such fantastic social media advice and a blog that I’ve loved for the longest time. And Milton Gan, who broke it down to the very basics in photography and for just being an amazing inspiration artistically.

Below are just a couple of my photography attempts from the day:



Thanks again Blog Society, (especially for the UH-MAZING goodie bag). Very much looking forward to the next one!

France x