I recently attended the Blog Society‘s workshop, Embracing The Art of Digital Storytelling, launched as part of this year’s Vivid Festival and held at the MCA.

It was really inspiring to hear what blogging meant to such a diverse group of creative minds. I loved hearing how Jaclyn Carlson’s Little Paper Trees was the journal that she never got around to starting, with a focus on ‘finding beauty in the every day’. Vivian Mansour’s, Ish and Chi was borne of very personal, life changing events; buying a home and decorating her first baby’s nursery. (I also love the inspiration behind the name Ish and Chi… short for fish and chips)!

Blog Manifesto

It made me think about our reasons for blogging here at Noah & Willow; a tool to help document our styling journey, a way to express our passion and creativity, share what inspires us, and hopefully to inspire others.

I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to connect, collaborate and share with local bloggers, and am totally inspired to get my blog on a lot more frequently!

A special thank you to Natalie Hayllar of Eat Read Love, who had such fantastic social media advice and a blog that I’ve loved for the longest time. And Milton Gan, who broke it down to the very basics in photography and for just being an amazing inspiration artistically.

Below are just a couple of my photography attempts from the day:



Thanks again Blog Society, (especially for the UH-MAZING goodie bag). Very much looking forward to the next one!

France x


Noah & Willow at Confetti Fair

Confetti Fair. Pretty much the ultimate party planning fair.

We were so excited to be a part of it, and who wouldn’t be with all of the things we love under the one roof? Pretty florals, delicious treats, styling inspiration…

Here were the stalls that made the top of our list;

Ashdown & Bee

Ashdown & Bee

Sweet Bloom Cakes

Confetti Fair

Justine Rose

Confetti Fair

Letterpress Parlour

Confetti Fair

3s A Party


But my personal fave of the day; a soulful performer who was belting out Nat King Cole tunes. A man after my own heart.

Confetti Fair

Check out our gallery for more pics of the Noah & Willow stall!

Confetti Fair

France x

Noah & Willow at One Fine Day

February was a month of new and wonderful collaborations. We teamed up with the amazingly talented Tealily Photography and created a stall at the fair of all wedding fairs – One Fine Day.

The atmosphere was electric, the food was delicious, the dresses were breathtakingly stunning and the talent all-round was simply inspiring.

For those of you that missed it (boy, you must be kicking yourselves!), here is a glimpse of the magic that was One Fine Day Sydney 2013.







Warm weather and open windows

It is probably with both bias and nostalgia that I say this, but nothing beats Sydney during spring time.

Spring brings the fragrance of sweet jasmine that, to me, seems to intensify at sun-down. Suddenly I’m nine again, sucking on Zooper Doopers and running through sprinklers.

So it is quite fitting that we begin this blog, (as well as this new chapter in our lives), in spring; a season that brings warm weather, open windows and new beginnings.

Nadia and I celebrate the start of the season by something that is iconic to both Sydney and spring; the David Jones 27th annual flower show. This year, the event ‘Fleuressence’ was inspired by the connection between flowers and fragrance. Sixteen windows that represented base notes such as soft florals, citrus and woody orientals.

And oh… How inspiring.

We gasp and gawk at every turn, secretly wishing that they had left mannequins out of the window displays.

Freesias and sweetpeas and hyacinths, oh my! I think we have started what is likely to be a yearly tradition.

So tell me dear reader, do you have a favourite flower/favourite scent? Are they one and the same?

My favourite flower is the peony and preferred scent would be white flowers such as gardenia, orange blossom and jasmine – a nod to my childhood, Sydney and spring time.

France x

Going to the chapel

You know how brides say “your wedding day will go by in a flash”? They are so right!

The lead up was 12 months of worry, excitement and non-stop planning with my N+W partner in crime Francesca, yet the wedding day itself was a blur.. A beautiful blur.

Was it worth all the stress, the many tears and the frustration? Absolutely!

I awoke to the sound of my alarm at 7am and I was feeling surprisingly chirpy considering the forecast was predicting winds of 54km/h! Oh dear.

When you combine winds like that, a dress with more material than you can handle, shoes that you’ve never worn before and a cliff-side chapel, the nerves fly out the window, simply because you become too focused on not getting blown out to sea.

Thankfully the weather was my only cause for concern as every other element was planned out to a tee! The invitations, the favours (delicious strawberry + rhubarb jam), the memory board, the seating chart and all of the decorations were hand made and sourced by us.

Oh, and did I mention the flowers?

Before the sun had even poked it’s head out on the eve of the wedding, we were at Sydney Markets – running around with abnormal amounts of energy, laughing and carrying on, elated at the fact that favorites like peonies and ranunculus were there (as we’d been told by the suppliers that they might not be!)

Our choice in having a winter wedding meant that we had limited options in florals, but we didn’t let that get us down. We even pinched a few poppies from an office garden on the way home – did I just say that?

We spent the next 5 or 6 hours preparing and arranging the flowers in just over 100 jars that we had purchased and collected over time. By the end, the table settings looked beautiful and lack of sleep had caught up with us.  We made all of our deliveries, crossed all items off our many checklists, and had a moment to reflect and realise that after all of the planning and preparation, there was nothing left to plan and nothing left to prepare. Needless to say, we spent the rest of the evening relaxing.

The wedding day was magical.

I married my best friend, I laughed and cried with 75 of the most amazing family and friends and I watched 12 months of hard work come together in real life.
Nad x